The Viand Collective: Who We Are … Who You Are


From The Viand Zine, Issue 1 April 2007

Who We Are

Chef T (traveler)
Sharing food is one of the most basic and culturally universal events.  Making it a gathering of thoughtful food and good friends makes it a divine experience.
pteri on salt from The Viand Zine Issue 1, on pepper from Viand Zine Issue 2

Chef S (composer)
For me the Viand is a beautiful setting where I can share unusual food with an ever-changing & always interesting mix of people. Play with a collective of chefs in the kitchen. Feed people. Learn about food in all its aspects. Be both a Chow-Hound and a Culinary Activist. You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll eat at the Viand!
sybs beyond the recipe from The Viand Zine Issue 1

Chef A (rabble-rouser)
breaking bread: food and community are the window into asking the questions we need to ask about what is happening in our world and taking action, hand in hand, chewing.
zinevision from The Viand Zine Issue 1, cooking for 1 from The Viand Zine Issue 2

Chef D (compiler)
To attend the Viand is to open up the mouth and mind to magnificent morsels. Surrounding oneself in the susurrus of softly spoken satisfaction and candle thrown shadows luxuriates the senses. Whether one discovers gustatory bravura or narrowly escapes culinary catastrophe, friends and food are always the perfect pairing.
duro’s cook tech from The Viand Zine Issue 2

Chef P joined us shortly thereafter, but didn’t write a self-description.

the chefs’ favorite markets

Who You Are

you are our friends, from our jobs, arts, and coincidences. you are also people we meet everywhere who share an interest in good food or food politics. we invite your involvement in the viand in several ways…
it thrills us when people enjoy
our food. that’s enough!
ask us about the  ingredients or how things are made. we’d love to tell you!
this is not just a party, it’s a  social movement. tell your friends! start your own!
we hope viand guests will share recipes, wine recommendations, restaurant tips, and also to network about non food issues (who was that guy who fixes guitars?).
give feedback!
the viand is growing and changing. we aren’t sure where it’s going and we’d love to hear your ideas for what you’d like to see or where you think we could go.
help cook!
if you like cooking too, let us know what you’d like to bring and we’ll work it in. if you start doing this regularly, we’ll invite you to participate in the menu brainstorm and planning process.