Viand 31: Berlin 4: Winter is about Pork

0/ Jim Lahey’s no-knead bread, Butter from Gläserne Molkerai.

Duro and I made every 2-3 days for 3 years. We also treated the bread dough like croissant and layered in butter, which I’ve done tonight.

Recipe and our video…

1/ Schweine Schulterne from Fleischhandlung cooked for 3 hours in Apfel Saft, with caramelized pumpkin, browned butter, and toasted sage.

I wanted to serve pasta, pumpkin, brown butter, and sage but felt it would be too much carbs with the gerste, so I replaced the pasta with pork.

2/ Grete’s Garden Gerste Gratin with 3 kinds of onions and two kinds of cheese (jung gouda and fresh goat)

Pumpkin and Onions are about all there is to eat in winter, so I thought of Gratin, but I didn’t want to make potato gratin, so I used Gerste, a regional grain.

3/ Radiccio salat mit pine nuts, rosinen, and 26 months Appennino Parmigiano Reggiano from Von Einfachen Das Gute

I love bitter leaves, but can’t easily buy dandelion in Berlin. Radiccio, more affordable in Europe than in US, has become a favorite. Some people find it too bitter, and the rosinen and pine nuts cut that. This Parmigiano is surprisingly soft and delicate.

4/ White bean and sausage warm salad with merguez from Fleischerei.

I first had this classic at Osteria Angelini in Los Angeles.

5/ Pistachio white chocolate eis.

Recipe from San Francisco’s sadly defunct Gelato Classico. I ate it constantly as an anorexic teenager.