viand east three: menu

Viand East Three 2009.02.21
0/ [Lionette’s house-smoked] Bacon-wrapped California Medjool dates [care of CityFeed Market]
1/ [Lionette’s house-rendered] Suet-crust leek quiche with salad (we couldn’t make it through another winter without salad mowed in CA)
2/ salami salad cured meats from Formaggio Kitchen: Petit Jesu, Wild Boar Sopressata, Saucison sec Basquese, Speck Alto Adige, Salametti Secchi
3/ hand-made pasta with hazelnut-walnut sauce (nuts from Savan)
4/  east coast seaweeds salad with Pickled Red Fire Farm daikon radish wintered over from 2008
5/ Bao Zi with Pork from Houde Family Farms in Vermont
6/ pan-roasted cabbage (Pete’s Greens VT, care of City Feed Market)
7/ cheeses from Formaggio Kitchen: Bariloto (buffalo milk) from Salerno Italy, Chabis Feuille (goat milk) from Perigord France, Bayrischer Blauschimmelkase (cow milk) from Allgau Germany.
8/ [Lionette’s] duck fat roasted potatoes (Deep Root Coop, care of City Feed Market)
9/ Fishmonger Swordfish with cocoa nibs, coconut, and szechuan peppercorns brought from China by Duro’s father
10/ french silk pie tartelettes