Viand East Four Mayday Menu

photo by Andrea Godshalk,
Viand East Four 2009 May 1 (couples) and May 2 (singles)
0/ duck confit in filo w/ strawberries & balsamic reduction
1/ Catalan sardine escabeche
2/ Rancho Gordo heirloom beans (1st: Yellow Indian Woman, 2nd: Red Appaloosa) with Lionette’s house-made lamb sausage and pickled onions (cribbed from a favorite LA resto, Angelini Osteria)
3/ Pete’s Greens mesclun with grapefruit and anise dressing
4/  roasted zucchini & wild ramps with lemon and Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano from Emilia Romagna
5/ turkey bacon apple sandwiches on rye (cribbed from Zaidy’s Deli, Denver) fried apples in grandma georgia’s style, one of our comfort foods.
6/ cheeses:  sheep cheeses: hard Calcagno from Sardinia with walnuts and soft Corsu Vecchiu from Corsica with apricots. Bayrischer Blauschimmelkase blue paired with Brooklyn Local 1 Stout
7/ faro, fregola, quinoa salad with cucumber, raisins, dates, walnuts, and hazelnuts orange mint dressing
8/ celery root potato puree with (2nd) atlantic swordfish
9/ rice paper rolls with Jamaica Plain Tofu, peanut sauce, and basil
10/ chocolate chip curry cookies & coconut tapioca pudding to share

Meat from Lionette’s Market, South End
Fish from Fishmonger, Cambridge and Wulf’s, Brookline
Vegetables from Enterprise CSA and Pete’s Greens (VT) care of City Feed Market
Cheese from Formaggio’s Kitchen
Dried fruit, nuts, lavash and peppers from Savan Bakery, Watertown
Rye bread from Clear Flour Bakery, Brookline