Viand 30: 3 feasts in 8 days…

Viand 30 morphed an 8-day marathon of Anniversaries, Crew Parties, and afternoon spiked-tea parties.

10.December “13 years”

1/”The Kiss” (Miang Kham): local postlein (instead of spinach), honey, nori (instead of dry shrimp, augmented with a little maldon sea salt), lemon (with the peel), red onion, peanuts, toasted coconut.

2/”Everyday Pleasures”: roasted cauliflower with pancetta from Fleischhandlung.

3/”The Mexico … er South Africa… Period”: ceviche with Greenland Halibut from the Fischladen, soaked for 12 hours in lemon jouice, salt, piri-piri chilies, red onion.

4/”The Berlin Period” (á la Ron Telesky): pizza with sweet potato puree, roasted potatoes, rosemary, sharp cheddar, and spicy maple syrup sauce.

5/”Romance” (á la Black Star): eier liqor eis cream on buckwheat pancakes with pistachio and dried rose

12.December “Classic German Christmas Dinner”

1/Apples: Chutney with shallots and apples cooked in duck fat, caramelized red onions, prunes, star anise, and clove, served with a Farmhouse Cheddar

2/Rotkohl: Omar’s South Indian cabbage with cumin seeds, caramelized onions and coconut

3/Duck: 2 German ducks from Fleischhandlung, roasted and then toasted in their own fat, served with

4/Potato: Norwegian Potato Lefse

5/Nachtische: eier liqor eis with candied roses and violets from Schokoladerie Estrellas

18.December “Feuerzangen and Cookies”…