Valentines Viand

14 february 07 … valentine viand…

chocolate covered cherimoya hearts

creamy chilly [celery fennel soup with chilled grapes]

burning summer [heirloom tomato sauce with toast {breadbar’s millstone wheat}]

upside down & open [tiny buffalo burgers with caramelized onions & st. agur blue]

frantic passion red salad [red cabbage, radishes, roasted beets, ricotta salata, lemon dressing]

littles & bigs [pea shoot ravioli, kabocha squash ravioli]

delicate lamb [lamb tarts with blood orange miwa kumquat jam]

bitter savory green salad [sundried tomato vinaigrette]

curled spicy shrimp

dark pink [chocolate cupcakes with roses]

sweet swimming [iles flottantes]

rolled sweetly [chocolate salami]

rose water spiced chai [some with plum brandy] …