Lino Barbecue

Lino’s Berbecue in Wedding is worth the trip.

The owner is a German who grew up in Austin, where he learned Texas-style barbecue. This style focuses on cuts, rather than whole animals. He has built a proper barbecue setup and carefully selects his meats from small producers.

We sampled all the meats available on a Sunday afternoon: pulled pork, beef brisket, and a spicy sausage. All were delicious, but the brisket was superb. As brisket depends on a special fat distribution, the owner informed us that he has not found an appropriate local supplier, so he imports this meat from a US farm.

Lino’s is a casual restaurant in a gritty neighborhood, and it is delicious, but the prices are shockingly high. Sandwiches cost €14, and a meat sampling platter is €35. You can order any meat alone, paying extra for sides, at €7/100g.  (At Big Stuff Barbecue in Markthalle IX, sandwiches are €7 and a medium meat platter with 4 sides contains 400g of meat for €14.)

For €7/100g you can get 19-year old Txogitxu charcuterie at Vom Einfachen das Gute.


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