Katz Orange

Katz Orange is a local darling. The setting is charming, in an old courtyard in the Mitte near the Invalidenstraße gourmet kiez.

The ambiance in the main dining room is country-lodge. An overflow room to the side is disjointedly modern and lacks the graceful attention of the main room. The outdoor area has the usual sort of outdoor wooden folding chairs on which I will not pay to sit.

The website and menu of Katz are very appealing, emphasizing sustainability and comfort. The center of the menu is slow-cooked meats (called “candy on bone”). These are served in small bowls to share with the table, which turns out to be a less abundant experience than suggested by the menu. As the meats do not include any accompaniment, you must order these separately. Classic sides include peas and excellent french fries.

The restaurant takes two seatings per evening and so only two times for reservation are possible. We chose the later time. I was  alarmed when I managed to answer my phone at the museum to learn that it was necessary to confirm the reservation by phone on the same day as this had not been mentioned when I placed the reservation.

During our Saturday evening dinner, the music from the DJ was great, but far too loud to converse from the very comfortable loungy dining chairs in the main room. I found the mix of comfort feast with cocktail club somehow out of sync, and certainly would not have been my choice on this particular occasion had I known about it.

The food was thoroughly fine, but ultimately not exciting enough to warrant a return. Social obligations necessitated one anyway, at which I was again underwhelmed. On the second visit, sitting in the side room, the service was dreadful. My host had to make each request twice, and I think he asked for more bread 3 times.

The easy dessert, Eton Mess, was satisfying.

I think I could like this restaurant if the prices were brought down in line with the portions and ambiance. It’s not fine dining, it’s good, fun food in a mixed ambiance.


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