We believe that everything we touch while cooking and eating should give sensual pleasure matching the food. All of our tableware and kitchenware is chosen  to delight the hand and eye. And we aim for a simple elegance in everything we use to create and serve food at the Viand.

Our skillets are vintage Le Creuset enamel cast iron pans (unpopular colors are affordable on ebay) or DeBuyer carbon steel (works just like cast iron, but a bit lighter in the hand). Saucepans and pots are Chantal enamelware because it cleans so easily and doesn’t stain like stainless steel which looks beautiful until you use it. The latest Chantal line is enamel on copper, which heats water faster than an electric kettle.

Knives are Shun because they feel so beautiful, but we still have some Henckels around. The twin select series are also lovely in the hand, and gorgeous to look at.

Viand tableware is a stackable mix from restaurant supply and CB2. Silverware has to be silver or silverplate because stainless doesn’t feel nice in the hand. Our is all mismatched, purchased from flea markets. In Los Angeles, the best restaurant supply is charlie’s fixtures 2251 venice blvd at western 323.731.9023.

Serviceware (trays and bowls) is almost all vintage from flea markets. Wooden bowls, silverplate, and trays made out of plywood in a vintage  picture frames and plywood then painted with high gloss latex paint.

All of the pieces that there’s only one of in the kitchen, like the espresso machine, coffee thermos, hot water kettle, are very carefully selected, and in these cases high design modern.

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We think it would be beautiful if we got our stuff from local artisans, as well as our food. Read the Local Objects Manifesto.