Ernesto 132 Cuba Street 04.801.6878
We’ve eaten here twice and been thrilled with every bite. Cafe atmosphere (comfortable black banquettes and wide tables so two can sit side by side — also the chairs are comfortable) with nearly half the spacious room an open kitchen feels like you are in the cook’s living room. Watch out they close early. We arrived at 9:30 (after calling to find out what time “late” meant and being told 10) and had to beg the chef for dinner. He graciously agreed to haul everything out and cook for us although he had already cleared the kitchen. We had a seared lamb appetizer with garbanzo beans, also the lamp chops (perfect!), the delicious and unusual creamed spinach, and the pork belly on puréed sweet potato. Would have been nice to have a bite of bitter or a bit of crunch on the plate, but that didn’t prevent us from licking it.

CLOSED but their website is BEAUTIFUL, a must visit!