Boston all-chefs 2007

the standout dishes from our 4 day food marathon are:

* capon (rooster) so flavorful and juicy!
* martha’s salt roasted pears with caramel sauce!
* anything with a bite of balsamic glazed figs
* sauteed pears with cabot cheddar and bacon

beef bottom round, braised in red wine with parsnips, rutabegas, onions, potatoes.
served with labneh & pomegranate syrup
fresh bread
dessert: leftover gifted flourless chocolate cake with toscanini’s burnt caramel ice cream

breakfast: cranberry sauce on toast
afternoon to evening, standing in the kitchen: skillet roasted mashed potatoes with i’ya’s peaks, valleys, and butter.
andrea’s carrot ginger coconut milk soup
martha’s graham cracker pistachio crusted lemon custard tart
the skin of the roasted capon
evening, sitting down: capon
olive bread with rosemary
cranberry sauce mixed with luben & csa peppers
jamey’s gravey
martha’s lemon sugar cookies and bill bird’s scotch with debbie’s lemon scone icing

friday, standing in the kitchen:
cold capon sandwiches on fresh bread with greens, balsamic glazed figs, andrea’s dad’s habanero jelly, 2 cranberry sauces
yesterday’s lemon cookies
standing in the kitchen: soup of capon broth, leeks, tea rice, capon meat, day-old bread, chinese oil chili
leftover beef bottom round and vegetables with melted cabot cheddar and hot fresh bread. bites of the beef with fig, 2 fancy butters.
martha’s shaker lemon tart with rind.
heron pinot noir

standing in the kitchen:
sauteed pears with cabot cheddar slices & bacon
warm white meat capon sandwiches on toast, open face with 2 gravies. one with chinese pepper sauce and one with dried CSA peppers
*** martha’s salt roasted pears with caramel sauce.
sitting down:
coconut tapioca hubbard squash soup
hubbard squash with melted cheddar
brussel sprouts in bacon fat
fresh pistachio cranberry bread & 2 fancy butters
3rd try at lemon tart