Le Troquet, Basque

Ok, the food in paris is very expensive. there are cute bistros several on any block but these places are total rip offs. the food is awful and i was shocked at how expensive AND BAD it is. using my usual methods of discernment didn’t help. i was repeatedly fooled my menus and atmosphere. i learned not to eat anywhere that i haven’t researched. and also as a backup never to order the same thing as fellow diners, otherwise we might be totally screwed. the best is to buy from markets and eat in your hotel room. (or better, rent an apartment and cook.)

the only restaurant i would return to was Le Troquet, basque. everything was delicious. the vanilla souffle was the best thing i ate in paris. 1 rue francois bonvin in 15th arrondisement. they serve a la carte, or 3 courses, or 6 courses (for only 38, which is a really good price).