Looking to Start or Dine at an Underground Restaurant? Join The Ghetto Gourmet.

The Viand is thrilled to share our love of food and dining with the following people and organizations, who are doing related work:

Some inspiring fellow underground restaurants

Outstanding in the Field Elegant outdoor dinners to connect dining with the land.

Clandestino Dinners created around an artist’s work.

Midnight Brunch Ethnic-themed midnight feasts with fancy cocktails

Songs for Eating & Drinking Dinner with live musicians.

A Razor, a Shiny Knife Dining as Participatory Performance Art

30 Project Dinners Bringing policymakers and organizations to the table to talk about changing the food system.

One Pot  Evolving “experiments in tablemaking”

Studiofeast “Getting people who don’t cook to cook”

Resources for Food Projects:

Supper Club Fan Group: International listings

The Ghetto Gourmet: International listing

Saltshaker: International listings

Grub: Ideas for An Urban Organic Kitchen

Roving Gastronome

Food blogs we really really love

Marije Vogelzang Eating Design. Designers who work with the subject of food are often called ‘food designers’. According to Marije Vogelzang, food is already perfectly designed by nature. Instead, her designs focus around the verb ‘to eat’. Vogelzang is inspired by the origin of food and the preparation, etiquette, history and culture around it.  “There is no material that comes as close to human beings as food.”

www.emikodavies.com Deep, deep, deep investigation of Italian (Tuscan) cooking. Especially this post on language.

Related work

Keith Ehrlich is making a beautiful series of short films about artisan production. You can watch them online.

City Farmer has been working since 1978 for farms and edible landscaping in cities.

Edible City is a 2012 film about urban farming in San Francisco. You can watch it online for free.