Los Angeles meat sources

In LA, the best place to get meat is at the farmers market. You can buy beef and pork from Greg’s Rocky Canyon Ranch at Sunday Main Street, both Santa Monica markets (Wednesday and Saturday), and Sunday Hollywood.

You can get Buffalo from Lindner Bison at all of the same markets.

You can get chicken from Lily’s Eggs at the same markets.

You can get great local fish from Anjin Fish.

But if you need meat and can’t wait for the market, you are almost completely out of luck. But not completely. Candy’s meats is tucked in an unlikely corner convenience store called Alan’s market on Washington Boulevard in Venice. And he’s open on Thansksgiving, Christmas, and most other holidays. He carries fresh and aged lamb as well as naturally raised beef and pork. He prepares several flavors of sausage in-house and will be happy to accommodate your special orders.

339 Washington Boulevard Marina Del Rey 310.751.6277