raw tomato pasta


  • cooked pasta
  • butter
  • raw tomatoes
  • salt

Ingredient notes:

There’s only one place we know of in the Boston area to purchase fresh pasta, Dave’s at 81 Holland Street in Somerville. We prefer plain egg pasta for this recipe. The cut of pasta we requested is the widest, papardelle.
However, unless you live very close to there, you can make pasta faster than you can drive there. Here’s our recipe:
The pasta recipe is the last one on the page. Scroll down.
And it will taste even better than Dave’s.

• We use Organic Valley “cultured” butter in the yellow box. Horizon is like Microsoft. There are also a lot of local butters that are very good. We use about 1/2 a stick per pound of pasta. The butter is key to the flavor, don’t underdo it.

• Make sure the tomatoes are Ripe. (It’s the end of the season, you’ll be lucky if you can find any now.) The way we like to cut them is to sort of hack off odd shaped chunks. This loses less juice than if you chop them. Do NOT peel. Push the juice from your cutting board into the bowl, don’t throw it away!

• We use Maldon sea salt which is big and crunchy and mild. You can buy it at Formaggio’s kitchen or whole foods, but this dish will be fine with regular salt.